Devon Christian School is a pre-kindergarten to grade nine school whose mission is to provide academic excellence with biblical principles. We follow Alberta Education’s curriculum and minister to the whole child by integrating spiritual commitment, academic potential, and individual growth.

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Why Choose Devon Christian School for your Child?
We are committed to a biblical standard of excellence for the glory of God in all that we do. We believe that anything worth learning should be learned well, and the role of the teacher is to ensure that learning occurs for every student. We have focused our curriculum on a select group of core and complementary subjects that we strive to teach with excellence. 
Our Aim

Devon Christian School combines solid scholastic principles with excellent instruction built on the firm foundation of the Christian faith. Our hearts swell with joy when we see our students thrive as they move forward with the plans God has for their lives. 

Our Low Fees

At Devon Christian School we believe Christian education should be available to every student regardless of socioeconomic background, so we do not charge tuition. To offset our costs, families pay for a registration fee and participate in a fundraising commitment, as well as commit to volunteer time. We believe that a lack of funds should never be the reason for a child to not attend Devon Christian School, so we offer numerous ways to help, including:

  • holding many fundraisers throughout the course of the school year,

  • helping with bursary applications,

  • offering advice on how to solicit donations from friends, families, and businesses,

  • allowing monthly payments.   

Our Active Parent Involvement

We believe that scripture places ultimate responsibility for the education of children with their parents. Both research and experience tell us that where parents are actively involved in their children's education, achievement invariably improves. Devon Christian School exists to serve parents by assisting them in fulfilling this responsibility.

We are committed to maintaining an active role for parents both inside and outside the classroom. Parents are required to volunteer some time to help in the school each year.

Regular Parent/Teacher communication helps parents in their role of supporting the school's ministry at home. Parents are kept informed of school events through emails, newsletters, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Our Unique Faith-Based Program

We believe that every child is made in the image of God and has unique talents and needs. Devon Christian School provides a program which enables each child to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and physically so that he or she is equipped for service to God. We are so blessed to be able to provide you and your children with the substantial benefits that come from having a Christ-centered education. 

Devon Christian School – So Many Benefits

Small Class Sizes

  • Teachers who know every student and family
  • Individual attention and instruction
  • No student left behind

Academic Excellence

  • Excellent results on school exams and provincial achievement tests (PATs)
  • Emphasis on teacher-led academic correction
  • Individual assessments and extra work in needed areas

School Transportation Options

  • School bus transportation is available
  • Two buses with drop-off and pickup in Devon, Parkland area, Calmar, and Sunnybrook area
  • Large, supervised parking lot convenient for parents to drop off and pick up their children. 

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• Meaningful volunteer opportunities
• Monthly outreaches to the community
• Random acts of kindness 
• Knowledgeable teachers
• Kind and caring teachers
• Faithful teachers 
• Out-of-school field trips
• In-school field trips and activities
• School/community visits 

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