Tuition & Fees

It is often believed that all children who attend private schools come from wealthy families. While this may be the case at some schools, it is not the case here! Our school has families from a variety of social and economic standings. We believe that Christian education should be possible for every student therefore, here at D.C.S. we do not have tuition. We do however, have a registration fee and we encourage our Kindergarten - Grade 9 families to support the school through the Volunteer Commitment and Fund-raising Commitment.

Registration Fee:

Kindergarten fee is $150.00 includes a D.C.S. T-shirt.

Grade 1 to 9 fee is $300.00 includes a D.C.S. T-shirt.

Volunteer Commitment consists in volunteering for a minimum of 10 hours for the Kindergarten parents and a minimum of 20 hours for grades 1 to 9 parents. There are different areas that the school needs help with such as events, reading in class, school maintenance, etc. If parents can not fulfill this commitment they will be subject to a $250.00 or $500.00 fee respectively.

Fund raising Commitment consists in raising funds for the school by participating in the different fund raising activities and events. Alternatively, Kindergarten families can make a $300.00 payment and grade 1 to 9 families can make a $1,000.00 payment.